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2011 Event Highlights





Monthly Program:  Trips of the Past Year

December 19


We started farthest away and worked closer to home, and still had trips left over for the Event Planning Party.  Angelsey (Wales), Iceland, Alaska, Deception Pass and the San Juans,  Isle Royale, Ladies of the Lake, Pictured Rocks, Voyageurs, Traditional Paddler's Gathering, Fall Color, Gales Symposium...



Monthly Program:  Leave No Trace

November 19


It's easy to forget when we arrive at a wilderness destination that there was often a group camping there last night, and the night before, and the night before that, and there will be other groups camping there in the days to come.  Rene, an REI employee, led a discussion of LNT principles.


Monthly Program:  Decision Making Skills for Paddling Groups

October 17


Lisa Dau offered a wonderful program effective group decision making.  We covered expedition behavior, leadership skills, types of decision making and group dynamics.  Lots of good discussion.



Mississippi River Locks Day Trip

September 15


Seventeen club members paddled down the  Mississippi River gorge from Boom Island Park, through 3 locks, and took out at Hidden Falls.  No swimming deer this year.  Photos are here and here.



Fall Rendezvous

September 7 - 9


Club members gathered at Hok-si-la campground to paddle on Lake Pepin.  There was a little wind, but otherwise good weather as some folks came for a day, some joined in the potluck, and some camped.



 St. Croix Fall Paddle

September 25


Lisa and Peggy led a trip that launched from Boomsite, paddled down to the power plant and up to the Arcola High Bridge.  Those of us who had never seen the bridge were in for a treat.




Up North Fall Color

September 23 - 25


Joan organized the second annual trip to Wynne Lake, with side trip options to Sabin Lake and Embarrass Lake, staying at Giants Ridge.  Jan, Shelley, Mike and Lynette joined in for good paddling, good food, and good times.


Monthly Program:  Kayaking Aches and Pains

September 20


Jim Haemerle walked us through common kayaking injuries and prevention, and provided some insight into the mysteries of hand, wrist, arm, shoulder, hip, and leg anatomy. 

Labor Day in the Apostles

September 3-5

Labor Day in the apostles was a really nice trip that was all about changes. The plan had been to base camp on York Island with day trips to Sand and Raspberry islands. Things did not go according to plan.  Report here.

Annual Picnic
August 28, 2011

Thanks to Lynette and Joan for coordinating another wonderful picnic on Lake Marian.  After morning paddle and tasty lunch came the first annual ISK Kayak Rodeo, designed by Fred.  Slalom, watusi dancing while standing in our boats, rolling, and boat turning challenged all the participants.  Photos here.
Saturday Paddling Sessions

We got together Saturdays to practice, learn, and paddle.  Topics included Greenland paddling, rescues, navigation, turns, and towing.  A great way to start the weekend out.  Photos from 8/27 are here.

Ben Lawry Classes
July 19 - 25

Ben came to town after teaching at the Door County and Great Lakes symposiums and taught six and a half days of classes for ISK.   Does it get any better than having fun and learning?  Photos:  Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6.
Crow River Day Trip
July 4

Eight club members joined Michael and Theresa for a paddle down the Crow River, taking out where it joined the Mississippi, then stopping for dinner and conversation at Michael and Theresa's home.  Photos are here.  Trip report is here.

Outer Islands Lake Superior Trip
July 1 - 4

Deb and Michelle led 14 club members on a trip to South Twin.  Day trips included circumnavigating South Twin, paddling to Rocky, and a visit to the sea caves on Devils, complete with tour of the lighthouse.  Photos are here

Sunday Lazy Paddles
June through August

Mike and Lynette led a series of fun paddles on local lakes throughout the summer.  Destinations included Cedar Lake in St. Patrick, MN, Lake Independence, and Medicine Lake.   Photos from one of the trips are here
   ISK ACA Classes
June and August

ISK ACA instructors (Tony, Michelle, Jeff, Peter, and Peggy) offered two 2-day Intro to Sea Kayaking and three Strokes & Maneuvers Refinement courses this summer.

 Memorial Day Rendezvous
May 28 - 30

Club members camped at the Town of Russell campground and did day trips to Sand and Raspberry and York.  Photos are here.

Early Season Voyageurs Trip
May 18 - 22

Dana, Lisa, Fred, and Bernie headed up to Voyageurs in May, hoping to beat the bugs.  The bugs hadn't gotten the memo and showed up anyway, but a good trip was had by all.  Photos are here.  Trip report is here.

Monthly Program:  Nansen and Bamboo Kayaks
May 16

Jim Rutzik presented a bit of the story of Fridjof Nansen, the Norwegian polar explorer, scientist, diplomat, and Nobel laureate.  Jim has replicated many storied sea kayaks, and brought two of them with him -- a bamboo boat from one of Nansen's trips and a baidarka.

As If Challenge
May 14

  This year's challenge definitely earned its name.  Jeff had shortened the distance but added in more challenges, and the weather did its part with brisk winds and cool temperatures.   Photos are here.

Wilderness First Aid
April 30, May 7

Tom O offered a wilderness first aid class for ISK members again this year.   Our day and overnight trips often take us out of the range of ready access to the emergency medical system, and prevention and care in a wilderness setting are essential skills.  Photos are here.
  ISK Trip Leadership Training
April 20, 23

Jeff F again led this year's trip leadership training course, with assistance from Lisa D, Michelle F., Rhett T. and Peggy O., but there was much sharing across the entire group of a dozen participants.  Topics ranged from logistics and gear to leadership and participant responsibilities to group dynamics.

Monthly Program:   Danny Mongno and Life on the Road
April 18

Danny shared some of the joys and laughter and even moments of sadness of his life on the road and on the water as a Werner Paddles rep.  He also brought photos of some of the country's most beautiful paddling venues.  He made us want to go paddling.
  Ice Out Contest
April 10

Lynette won this year's contest for guessing the official DNR-determined Ice Out date for Lake Calhoun, which was April 10.


Cold Water Immersion
April 9

The event date arrived before the ice was out.  We changed the venue to Carson Bay on Lake Minnetonka.   Club members planning to paddle in cold water showed up to practice their skills and check out their cold water immersion ensembles.  Thanks to Dana for the refresher on cold water risks and safety and to Charlie for coming up with a Plan B location.  Photos here and here.
  Monthly Program:  Kayak Design and Boat Fit
March  21

After the annual meeting, Chris Gmeinder (club member and owner of Boreal Shores kayak store in Bayfield) presented an overview of various types of boats.  Chris, club members, and REI had several boats on hand for folks to look at and sit in.
  Annual Meeting
March 21

Charlie presented an overview of the club's finances and new club officers were elected.  Mike O'Neill and Deb Strike stepped down as President and Trips Director.  Many thanks to them both for their service to the club.  

Navigation Class
March 19

 Dana started with compasses, lat/long, UTM, and aids to navigation.  Rhett and Jeff let the group through exercises on deciphering the detail on charts, determining courses, distance and time and handling magnetic variation.  Charlie gave us exercises on ranges and compass work, and then Peggy gave an overview of tides and currents.  Photos are here.

Monthly Program:  2010 Trips
February 21

Tybee, Ladies of the Lake, Turner and Sheri, Traditional Paddler's Gathering, Ladies trip, Apostles, Namakagon River, Alaska, Mississippi Locks, Cumberland Island, Silver Islet to Rossport. Thanks to all who presented and to all who braved the snow to attend.

Annual Event Planning Party
January 22

Almost 60 club members gathered to enjoy each others' company, celebrate the past year's kayaking adventures, and plan for 2011.  Old favorites, soon to be old favorites, and some brand new trips were added to the calendar.  Ben Lawry will be coming to coach.  While we're waiting for wet water, Wilderness First Aid, CPR, and Navigation will keep us entertained.   Photos.