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2012 Event Highlights


November Mississippi River day trip write up is here and photos are here.

Photos from the  Fall As If.

Read about the Fall Rendezvous here.

Photos from the September 30th St. Croix paddle.

Photos from ISK's September BCU 3 star training with Mark Tozer.  Additional photos here.  Read about the event here.

Photos from the Annual Picnic and Rodeo by Jacquelyn here and by Bernie and Peggy  here.

  As If Challenge
April 21
A blustery and rainy day led to plenty of fun and learning as ISK held the spring version of the As If Challenge on Lake Minnetonka.  Full report here.

Boat selection and design

April 17

Want to know how to chose a boat to be fun in surf? Or a boat that loves to track in a straight line and eat up the miles? This evening Sam introduced the topic of boat design to a crowd of over 30 people. He talked about boat suitability for Big water, protected water, white water. He also explained the impact of length, beam, chine type, rocker. And of course he fueled the great skeg v rudder debate....




St Croix Wildflower trip

April 14

The St. Croix River Wildflower Trip ended up not being about wildflowers but rather birds...almost immediately after we pulled into the backwaters, we were greeted by Bald Eagles and Turkey Vultures. There was the Great Blue Heron rookery, with those prehistoric-looking things standing like weather vanes in their nests. A pair of Sandhill Cranes came swooping over us from behind. And the Ospreys, with their gigantic nest securely built on top of the railroad bridge, made plenty of noise as we paddled under them.The day was spectacular, the river was shallow, the conversations enjoyable. The upstream paddle back to the launch site took its toll on a few which gave many the opportunity to practice towing skills while paddling at 2.7 mph against current. There were towing races and the group had a lot of fun. We agreed there wasn’t a better place to be on this spring day!



Cold Water Immersion

April 7


If we're going to paddle in cold water, it's good to know what to expect when we go in.  This event gives us a chance to do that.  Last year we had a hard time finding open water on April 9;  this year the water was quite a bit warmer.  A harpoon appeared at the end of the event, but the seals were safe.


 Ice Out Contest

March 18


Derek won the Ice Out Contest, guessing March 18 for Lake Calhoun, which was spot on.  The DNR doesn't keep historical averages for Calhoun, but the average date for Medicine Lake is April 9.




Monthly Program:  Cold Water

 March 19


Just in time for open water, Tom walked us through hypothermia, cold shock, and swimming failure and how to prevent and treat, while Tony and Sam shared tips on how to dress to play in the cold.  Tuiliqs are optional.


Annual Meeting

March 19


Our treasurer presented the budget and we voted on a slate of officers.  Katie Katzner and Christopher Crowhurst will be joining the board as Programs Director and Trips Director.   Jeff and Michelle Forseth are leaving the board after many years of service.  Please take a moment to thank Jeff and Michelle for the difference they have made (and continue to make) to our club.



Wilderness First Aid

March 17 and 24


Tom O'Neal taught a Wilderness First Aid class to club members.  "Wilderness" in this context means anywhere more than an hour from 911 and other medical care, which isn't hard to do in a kayak or on a hiking trip.  Photos are here.



 Monthly Program:  Kayak Cooking

February 20


Fran and Sharell presented cooking with fresh food (hot calzones!).  Katie showed what can be done with a home dehydrator.  Lynette had  basket of goodies straight off the shelf.   Recipes at Club Documents, Resources, and Notable Recipes.

Annual Event Planning Party

February 4


Celebrating last year and starting to plan the coming year.  Spring and Fall Rendezvous, Wednesday and Saturday paddles, annual picnic.  Instruction and training with ISK instructors, Ben Lawry, and Mark Tozer.  Day trips and overnight trips.  Where do you want to go?



February 4


Jeff Forseth offered a morning and afternoon class in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) with AED to club members.  We hope we'll never need these skills, but they could save a life one day.